About Us

Being Italian/Australian, my family loves pasta and when my husband Leo was diagnosed with high blood sugar and high cholesterol and was told by his doctor to lose weight and stay away from pasta, I went in search for the perfect pasta substitute for him.

Having a background in naturopathic sciences, I had heard of Shirataki or Konjac noodles and we decided to import them to Australia in 2008 just for our family. I located a company that manufactured the highest grade organic glucomannan fibre, the vegetable fibre from the Konjac plant from which Konjac/Shirataki noodles have been made in asian countries for thousand of years.

And the ZERO Noodles brand was born.

Packed in purified water in a BPA free packaging and certified organic in Australia, the ZERO Noodles are the premium Konjac/Shirataki noodles in Australia & New Zealand. Vegan and gluten free with no wheat, rice, corn, soy, sugar, fat, dairy, or eggs added ZERO Noodles have a better texture and taste with no fish smell like some other Konjac/Shirataki noodles in the market.

After using them as a pasta substitute for 6 weeks, as part of a low calories, low carb diet, Leo had lost ten kilos. I also lost 4 kilos and family and friends wanted to buy more noodles from us. So, in 2011, with son Jonathan, we decided to make these wonder noodles available to everyone in Australia.

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta” filmmaker Federico Fellini once said. At ZERO NOODLES, we have the best pasta and noodles substitute for people with dietary challenges, so that everyone can enjoy “La Dolce Vita”.

To your best health, Enza