ZERO Noodles, Rice & Pasta Testimonals

“I don’t usually ever take a moment to email a company about a product, having a business, 4 kids, 2 dogs, a husband and what little social life I have after that 🙂

I was on a low carb diet for 10 years. Then I had 4 kids. Not that I am overweight after that. 4 kids doesn’t leave much time for lazing about. Back then, finding low carb products was next to impossible, and when you did – it was like eating cardboard. I did make a lot of things using glucomannan powder, there were a lot of fails.

Anyway – I found your product the other day. I have never ever tasted something so wonderful. This is better than any normal pasta dish I’ve eaten in any 5 star restaurant. I have been raving so much to anyone who can listen – but then I came across this website, and appears to be local to me given I live in Kapiti NZ

Anyway, your product is just amazing.

Point of this is to let you know, you have found something that people need to know about. And to say thank you.

Mandy Cullen of Kapiti NZ – Happy customer


“I had tried this type of noodle before and I was always disappointed by the texture and strong odour, so when a friend told me about a new Australian brand of konjac noodles that actually were palatable, I knew I had to investigate myself. To my surprise, the noodles had a texture similar to vermicelli or bean-thread noodles. The Fettuccine worked nicely with Italian pasta sauces and the Noodles added to soups were sensational, and worked fantastically well with asian-style dishes. Bought online and saved a bundle.”

Antonio Giardina of Panorama SA – Chef


“I absolutely love the noodles! I eat them every day, even for breakfast. I know it’s weird, but true. I cant get enough!”

Margaret Veitch of Rosedale VIC – Happy customer


“I am a Professional MMA Fighter and I regularly cut weight (12kgs) to get into shape and to focus on a fight! I use konjac noodles to help achieve this. The fact that it basically has no calories but fills me up is exactly what I need.”

Aden Hawke of Townsville QLD – Professional MMA Fighter


“I just wanted to let you know how I delighted I am with the ZERO Konjac Fettuccine. I had been using Miracle Noodles [US brand] previously, but they stink and tend to water down any sauce they are cooked in and are very expensive.

The ZERO brand are virtually odour free, easier to prepare (the hot dry pan to dry them out routine is best although I use a little drop of Olive Oil in the pan) and the texture is far superior. And they are cheaper!”

Walter Cullen of Murrabit VIC – Happy Customer

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