The Konjac root fibre (Glucomannan) in ZERO Noodles listed in top ten healthiest foods by World Health Organization.

Our ZERO Slim & Healthy NOODLES are made out of all natural vegetable Glucomannan fibre, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant.

Konjac is the best and the most secure form of soluble dietary fibre and detoxification food provided by nature to humans. It is the “Queen of Food” in the 21st century, and a healthy low calorie, low carb, allergen free food. Konjac was listed as one of the top ten healthiest foods by World Health Organization (WHO) due to its very broad range of health benefits to a vast array of people (diabetics, vegans/vegetarians, coeliacs, people suffering from allergies, high cholesterol and high blood pressure). In recent times, it has become hugely popular and described as “magic food,” “amazing food,” “healthy food”etc. Konjac is also praised as the “Stomach Scavenger”, “Blood Purifying Agent”, “life saving food for the westerners to diseases of civilisation”, “blood purification” and “an intestinal scavenger”.

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