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Diet And Weight Loss: The Best Ways To Eat

Diet And Weight Loss: The Best Ways To Eat

Diet And Weight Loss: The Best Ways To Eat

The hardest thing to manage when dieting is feeling hungry. This can make life miserable, interfere with your social life and lead to a lack of motivation and ultimately failure.

The best way to stick to a diet is to lose weight slowly by continuing to eat, but changing what you eat. To lose weight effectively and safely, you should aim to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. Although this may sound like a very small amount, after a few weeks, you will see and feel the difference and the weight will be much more likely to stay off.


The first things to cut back on are carbohydrates, sugars and starches. This can be done effectively and simply by replacing these foods with whole grains, or swapping out pasta and rice for foods such as Zero Noodles Fettuccine. These are perfect for using in stir-frys and soups and are made using glucomannan flour, which is derived from the Konjac plant. They are much lower in calories and carbohydrates than regular pasta and are free from fat, sugar and gluten, making them a great choice for anyone who is on a diet, including those on a Keto, Paleo and Vegan diet plan.

Zero Noodles Fettuccine

Another benefit of eating a low-carb diet is that it can reduce a person’s appetite, which leads to the consumption of fewer calories and losing more weight without unpleasant hunger pangs.

What to eat

When trying to lose weight, ideally each meal should contain protein, a fat source, vegetables and a small portion of wholegrains. Protein is essential for your overall health and muscle and can also help manage hunger. Foods high in protein include meats; fish and seafood; plant-based proteins such as beans, tofu, legumes and quinoa; and eggs.

The joy of vegetables when wanting to lose weight is that you can eat as much as you like and they are packed full of nutrients. Versatile and easy-to-source vegetables include cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and kale, as well as salad including tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. These can be served with Zero Noodles, which come pre-cooked and can be eaten hot or cold to create a filling, tasty meal.

Zero Noodles

When you hear the term "healthy fats", this is referring to fats such as olive oil and avocado, which are great alternatives to butter and vegetable oil and easy to replace.


As with all diets and day-to-day health, exercise is essential when wanting to lose weight. This doesn’t mean you need to join a gym or take up weight training or running; it simply requires you to move. This can include walking, cycling or swimming regularly. This is also good for well-being and mental health, which helps with staying motivated.

Fiber is essential for the digestive system. When trying to lose weight, drinking soluble fiber such as Zero Glucomannan Fiber can be very effective. Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is derived from the konjac plant root and has been used in traditional Japanese cooking for many years. The glucomannan soaks up water from the digestive tract, which reduces the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol. Fiber is also a natural way to cleanse the body and can help reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar for people suffering from type 2 diabetes, and offer natural relief for constipation.

Zero Glucomannan Fiber

Useful Tips

There are many different types of diets out there. What works for one person might not necessarily work for you, but there are some key tips that are effective for anyone who wishes to lose weight.


Eating a breakfast that is high in protein helps reduce hunger and food cravings, making it easier to monitor and control your calorie intake during the day.

Replace juice and smoothies with water. These are empty calories that don’t fill you up, don’t give the body substantial nutrition and can slow down weight loss.

A great tip is to drink a glass of water before you eat. Not only is water good for the body, but it can help you to feel fuller quicker.

Unless your specific diet prevents it, continue to drink tea and coffee as caffeine can boost the body’s metabolism.

Eat slowly. This allows the body to absorb the food and boosts hormones that can support weight loss.

Finally, incorporate good-quality sleep into your lifestyle. This allows the body to recharge.

Losing weight helps you feel good and look good while enhancing your overall health.