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The Diet Tip That'll Double Your Weight Loss

The Diet Tip That'll Double Your Weight Loss

The Diet Tip That'll Double Your Weight Loss

There are countless different diets available that claim to be the solution to weight loss. Whichever kind you use, success is never guaranteed, so any healthy step you can take to make it more effective may be welcome. For example, adding glucomannan to your diet may be a valuable way to improve your overall weight loss chances.

Basics of weight loss

Weight loss is controversial. The dieting industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and it is worth millions. That means there is no shortage of advice, methods and ingredients that claim to be the one magical solution to all your weight loss needs. Some of these claims are of dubious scientific validity at best - and actively harmful at worst. Others may actually have genuine health benefits, with losing weight considered a way to improve heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes and generally advance your overall wellbeing.

Basics of weight loss

One of the most important things to remember is that you do need to eat. Cutting out all the nutrients that are essential to survival is only going to cause more problems. Most experts agree that a balanced diet and regular exercise are the only way to maintain weight loss, but first you need to obtain your preferred weight. That means you need to carefully manage your diet to ensure you still receive everything you need without overdoing it. Glucomannan may be a key ingredient when it comes to helping you achieve this.

Popular diets

Some famous diets you may have heard of include the Atkins diet, the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet. Weight loss may be the main reason for following one of these diets, or it may be just one part of the search for an overall improvement in health. What is certain is that any diet can be difficult to stick to for a significant length of time, and you must find ways to make it work for you.

Atkins is named after its founder, Robert Atkins, and may be one of the most famous and popular diets in the world. It involves cutting carbohydrates from your diet while consuming almost unlimited amounts of fat (except unhealthy trans fats) and protein. The idea is that burning fat uses up more calories than burning carbs, so you can lose weight while still eating more.

The ketogenic diet originated as a way to manage epilepsy in children, but it has since become a popular form of weight loss diet. Like Atkins, it tries to make the body burn fat instead of carbs by focusing on high-fat, low-carbohydrate meals, although the ratios are slightly different.

Sometimes the paleolithic diet is known as the caveman diet or the Stone Age diet because it involves trying to eat the same way our ancestors did thousands of years ago. In the paleo diet, you cut out modern processed foods and have a particular focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat.

A commonality among these diets is that you have to remove certain foods, some of which you probably enjoy, from your meals. This can make it harder to maintain the diet as you miss your favorite dishes. A substitute for carbohydrates such as glucomannan means you may still be able to eat pasta, rice and noodles while upholding your diet and possibly losing weight even more efficiently. You may even double your weight loss.

So what role can glucomannan play?

Glucomannan is a type of soluble fiber found in the konjac plant. It is particularly filling, sating your appetite by absorbing water and swelling up in your stomach. Not wanting to eat as much has obvious advantages when it comes to losing weight. It also has a positive effect on your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and can help good bacteria in your gut, all of which are weight and diet-related aspects of health.

So what role can glucomannan play?

What is particularly interesting about glucomannan is that it does not have any carbohydrates, but it can be used in traditionally carbohydrate-based foods such as pasta and rice. That makes it ideal for keto, Atkins and paleo diets. You can still eat your favorite meals, but with an ingredient that promotes weight loss instead of ingredients that increase your caloric intake.

Diet-friendly meals using glucomannan

Zero Noodles

Traditional Asian cookery uses glucomannan in noodles like our Zero Noodles, but you can also use it to make rice and pasta. That means you can eat everything from stir-fry and lasagna to curry while maintaining your diet and possibly even increasing the amount of weight you lose thanks to glucomannan’s weight loss properties.