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How To Lose Weight In Just 30 Days

How To Lose Weight In Just 30 Days

How To Lose Weight In Just 30 Days

We're all used to seeing as on the internet and in magazines for rapid weight loss - perhaps in as little as 48 hours, or even less! But the reality is that short-term crash diets simply force your body to lose water rapidly and then to regain weight by disrupting your hormones and encouraging you to eat even more afterward.

Our bodies are wonderfully sophisticated systems, and biologically speaking, we are meant to be lean, healthy and happy! But modern life - and especially industrial food, chemicals, stress and lack of sleep - all combine to leave us feeling overweight, lethargic and under-par, if not actually unwell.

The good news is that it is perfectly possible to lose weight in just 30 days - and when we talk about weight, we are talking about the element that really matters: fat loss. When we are trying to change our body composition, we want to burn excess fat while maintaining muscle mass, bone density and optimum hydration levels.

How do we do it? By making sensible adjustments to our lifestyles and by tracking the results. Here's an easy plan:

1. Eat well

1. Eat well

If you were waiting for a day-by-day diet plan, think again! If we're honest, we all know what healthy food looks like - and when our own diet is falling short. If you're eating processed food and junk (even low-calorie junk), your body won't be getting the nutrition that it needs. A body without nutrition is a hungry body, so you will constantly feel hungry if you load up on empty foods.

Step back and think about what works and what doesn't work for you. Do you respond well to a high-protein diet? Has a more low-fat approach worked well for you in the past? Do you have certain trigger foods that are best avoided? Are you a vegetarian?

Working with this information, start to make a sensible, balanced diet plan based on foods that you enjoy and are healthy, natural and balanced. Add plenty of vegetables and some low-sugar fruit. Include sufficient protein for your needs and eat healthy fats. Carbohydrates are good when they are rich in fiber and unprocessed. Don't resort to diet pills and other supplements that claim to be fat burners as they typically just contain high amounts of caffeine ,which can stress your adrenals. If you love a caffeine hit, why not just enjoy a cup of the finest-quality coffee you can find and really savor it? Food is a gift, and your body wants it.

2. Use "smart" foods

Try konjac noodles, which are made from natural konjac root and can be used as a zero-carb and extremely low-calorie ingredient to bulk out your meals and make snacks. If you cook Zero Noodles the night before a busy day, you can meal prep a salad with low-fat protein and plenty of vegetables, drizzle it with a dressing of your choice and have a nutrient-packed, satiating and delicious snack whenever you need it, with minimal calories, sugar or additives. This is a great way of boosting your body, helping your digestion and showing yourself some love! It's also a great way to replace high-calorie foods with a very low-calorie, natural alternative so that you feel full and less likely to snack - while reducing your calories overall.

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3. Get moving!

Forget "burning off calories" at the gym and punishing yourself. Go for a walk in the sunshine. Take a stroll after dinner. Perhaps go for a swim or a bike ride. Love dancing? Get to a class and have some fun. Find ways to move more and to enjoy it. You'll start to see changes in your body quickly - as well as changes in your mindset.

3. Get moving!

4. Track your progress

After about a week of eating well, subbing out sugar and junk for smarter ingredients like konjac noodles, moving more and perhaps incorporating some mindfulness and food diary tracking, you will start to see results. As your energy rises and your waistband gets looser, keep tracking what you do and the effects of it, and try adding in new measures. You may feel confident enough to try a run, for example. You may start batch-cooking low-carb pasta dishes for rapid meals after work. You might start to meditate to keep your stress hormones low, or learn to make new recipes.

Stick to your long-term lifestyle switches and you will achieve your body composition goals in a healthy, sustainable and happy way - without stress!