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Long-term Effects Of Glucomannan On Weight Loss In People With Obesity

Long-term Effects Of Glucomannan On Weight Loss In People With Obesity

Long-term Effects Of Glucomannan On Weight Loss In People With Obesity

Obesity can have a significant health impact, threatening overall health and reducing quality of life. Glucomannan is increasingly being used to help people reduce their weight, and there is evidence that this can have a long-term effect on their lives.

Glucomannan and weight loss

A study on long-term weight loss in obese or overweight people found that glucomannan could have an impact on everything from actual weight and fat mass to a reduction in blood glucose, lipids, and visceral fat [1]. This study also found that glucomannan could even increase a person’s metabolic rate, and all of this happened regardless of whether a person suffered from conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, what sex they were, and how old they might be.

Another study discovered real benefits of glucomannan in the treatment of severe obesity [2]. This clinical trial looked at two groups of patients. Each group contained 25 people who were considered to be severely obese. One group experienced a three-month period of just hypocaloric diet therapy, while the other underwent the therapy combined with a fibrous diet supplement with a glucomannan base. The group that had the glucomannan lost more weight, in addition to demonstrating an improvement in their lipid states and a better tolerance to carbohydrates. They also found it easier to stay on their diet. The study found that glucomannan diet supplements are particularly effective and efficient in the long-term treatment of serious obesity thanks to their ability to satiate people and the positive effects it can have on metabolic rate.

Glucomannan and obesity

Many studies and pieces of research have now shown how glucomannan, such as the kind found in our Zero Glucomannan Fiber and Zero Noodles made from glucomannan flour, can be effective at assisting obese people in losing weight. It has been found that not only is glucomannan well tolerated by people with obesity [3], it can also have a very positive effect on their ability to eat less while also boosting metabolic rate, lowering fat and blood sugar levels, and resulting in significant weight loss for some individuals. Study after study has shown the positive effects that glucomannan can have on body weight [4] for people of all ages.

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How can glucomannan help with obesity in the long term?

By their very nature, obese people have a lot of weight to lose, and this makes them particularly suited to diets or weight management plans assisted by the use of glucomannan. This is because the way in which glucomannan works and the effects it has make it excellent for supporting long-term weight loss aims. For example, glucomannan makes people feel full faster, and it is logical that people who do not feel hungry even when trying to lose weight are far more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan than people who feel like they are not getting enough food. Glucomannan has also been shown to be well-tolerated by users, meaning that it is unlikely that obese people will feel like they have to stop using it before their weight loss goals have been achieved.

Why choose glucomannan for obesity?

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Glucomannan is extremely easy to take and comes in a variety of forms these days, including foods like our Zero Noodles Rice and Zero Noodles Fettuccine.

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It is a natural fiber also called konjac that comes from the roots of the southeast Asian plant known as the elephant yam. It has been used for generations in Chinese medicine to treat asthma and for its detoxifying effects, and it is perfect for making tofu and noodles.

It is seen by many people as being hugely effective in the treatment of obesity because it can help people to feel satisfied after eating, even if they have eaten much less than they usually would. This is because it has extraordinary water absorption powers and can absorb as much as 50 times its weight in water.

The many benefits of glucomannan include this ability to make a person feel full and stay feeling satiated for longer by delaying stomach emptying, helping them to lose and then maintain their weight. Long-term use can result in a reduction of appetite that can have hugely positive effects when it comes to losing the pounds and keeping them off.

As mentioned previously, there is also evidence that glucomannan may be effective at decreasing the amounts of fats absorbed by the body and helping to slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates, resulting in the stabilization of blood sugar levels after meals.