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Zero Calorie Noodles: Fact Or Fantasy?

Zero Calorie Noodles: Fact Or Fantasy?

Zero Calorie Noodles: Fact Or Fantasy?

The idea of zero-calorie noodles might seem like an absolute dream, but how on earth could they be a reality? After all, noodles are made from calorie-dense carbohydrates. Isn't this the very macronutrient that gives us a serious hit of glucose energy for those times we most need a boost?

In most cases, that is absolutely the case. Noodles - like pasta - are typically made from wheat or an equivalent grain, and this means that they are rich in carbs, low in fat, moderate in protein, high in fiber (if whole grain), and have around 220 calories per cup.

But there is actually a type of zero-calorie noodle that is taking the health market by storm, and the great news is that it's made from a completely natural ingredient that has been used for centuries to help manage blood sugar, control weight and deliver a range of health benefits, including insulin management, healthy gut flora and a happy digestive system.

It's time to discover konjac noodles

Zero Slim Healthy Noodles

Konjac noodles are made from the konjac tree, and they are sometimes called shirataki or sold under brand names, such as Zero Slim Healthy Noodles. These translucent, delicate noodles are light to eat, incredibly high in fiber, and they contain next to no calories. This is because they are made from glucomannan flour, which is derived from the konjac yam, or fruit.

Also called the elephant yam in its native Asia, this wonder ingredient has been used for centuries in China, Japan, and India to offer a high-satiety ingredient that leaves you feeling full without providing any calories.

Highly versatile

Even better, these delicate little noodles easily take on the flavor of any sauce or ingredient that they are paired with, so you can use them in place of higher-calorie, high-carb noodles when you cook and enjoy all of the same flavors, textures, and enjoyment - without the calories! They are a slimmer's dream and an extremely easy way to enjoy delicious, filling meals whenever you need them, without the excess calories.

Make the most of konjac noodles, which contain only around 8 calories in a 200g serving. Because these thin and delicate noodles absorb flavors, you can create a huge variety of wonderful dishes while keeping the calorie count extremely low. This is a dieter's dream because you can enjoy healthy portions and snacks at any time if you use konjac, or zero-calorie noodles, as an ingredient. Simply dry-fry your choice of protein with crunchy vegetables, spices, and low-calorie and low-fat sauces to enjoy a highly flavorful and nutritious dish with very few excess calories.

Zero Noodles Lasagne

Zero-calorie noodles make it incredibly easy to enjoy low-calorie versions of your favorite Asian dishes, and they also work very well in salads. Did you also know that there are konjac pasta ingredients available so you can swap high-calorie pasta for zero-calorie pasta alternatives, such as this Zero Noodles Fettucine, or this Zero Noodles Lasagne?

Zero Noodles Fettucine

Extremely filling

Even better, although these noodles are very low in calories, they are still extremely high in fiber, which makes them very satiating, or filling. The satiety of foods is one of the most important things for dieters to know about. Satiety is that feeling of being full, and it's often hard to achieve on a calorie-counted diet when you are eating less than usual. High-fiber food is a great choice because fiber naturally absorbs water and swells in the gut to create a healthy feeling of fullness.

Fiber also helps our digestive systems to work as efficiently as they should and nurtures the healthy gut bacteria that keeps us lean, well, and healthy.

Discover healthy zero-calorie noodles today

The trick to getting the most from these easy-cook noodles is simply to add plenty of great flavors - something that is extremely easy with Asian cooking. Prepare them with garlic, soy, fish sauce, chili, ginger, coriander, lemongrass, and other delicious ingredients. A splash of coconut milk is ideal if you are following a keto-style diet to lose weight, or you can opt for a low-calorie protein such as tofu, lean meat or fish if you are doing calorie counting, along with plenty of vegetables, such as carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, peppers, and finely sliced cabbage.

In short, far from being a fantasy product, healthy and zero-calorie noodles are available now, and they really are a fantastic way that you can enjoying wonderfully filling ingredients without any of the unwanted extras! Have fun cooking with konjac noodles and get the most from your healthy cooking today.